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architecture / Bologna, Italy / 2020
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  24. Client: undisclosed Value: 500.000 euros Status: In progress, on site

    Headquarters for a research centre focusing on the use of technology for health and well-being. Housed in an historical 15th century building, the centre will act as a meeting point for various institutions and experts to work on designing, prototyping and developing new objects and procedures. Because of the ever-changing nature of the teams and projects within the lab, which is a prototype in its own right, we designed a modular “truss and joint” system that is completely reconfigurable, as new projects are rolled in and out. The furniture system, to cope with the restriction imposed by working on a listed building, also houses all the systems and services, the environmental control technology, sensors, lighting and machinery. This excludes the need for demolition of walls and floors, eliminating the risk of damaging any frescoes that might be laying under the various coats of paint thus limiting the need for lengthy planning applications. Finally, it works as a “plug and play” infrastructure that can be adapted to any new requirement, as the centre develops and changes over time.