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Interior / Naples, Italy / 2021
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  6. Richard A. Ceccanti x Edit Napoli 2021

    A collection of prototypes exploring the theme of repetition/replication of a singular component to create a complex object.


    The idea is to question existing furniture archetypes, to find new forms and functions. To create objects that have relevance, that hold their presence and value beyond the mundane, disposable possessions we have become so accustomed to. We want to propose a new approach to consumption of goods, their display, and the way our daily rituals develop around them.


    Repetition not only leads to visually striking object/sculptures, but also allows us to optimise the resources: all the objects on display are made using off-cuts and leftovers from other steel production lines. We work with a group of local manufacturers to recover these offcuts, which are often produced in large amounts, and design objects around them. Repetition of a single component allows us to use the offcuts in the most effective way.

    Simplifying the production process also lowers the required manufacturing expertise, so that the pieces can be produced by any company possessing basic steel manufacturing equipments. Even if they are all digitally design, there is no requirement for computer-operated machinery. Thanks to a low-fi system of communicating constructions drawings we produce instructions with no use of written language, as a large percentage of the workforce in provincial Italy’s small companies are foreigners with very little knowledge of Italian.

    This all helps us keeping production local and lower costs even at low production numbers.