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Casa & Atelier GVM

interior / Bologna, Italy / 2018
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  12. Client: undisclosed Value: 75.000 euros Status: Completed

    Conversion of a disused textile factory into a home/workshop for an artist. Movable partitions, flexible lighting and integrated furniture allow for the space to transform from home to workshop to exhibition space. The client had bought the space years ago but had not found a way to adapt it to his needs. We approached the project by liberating the central space, creating and then pushing the service spaces (kitchen, bathrooms, guest rooms and toilet, wardrobes etc) to the sides. The client lives and works here, so the usual spatial and temporal distinctions do not apply. A soundproof, movable partition separates the main bedroom from the living/exhibiting space, while a small courtyard brings light closer to the centre of the plan of this industrial space. Technically, all mains services where placed outside the structural walls, inside low counter walls what become pedestals for exhibiting the owner’s work. The old floor tiles was kept when possible and integrated with a newly poured concrete floor where demolition was required. Custom light fittings were designed for the whole flat.